Carry on Glamping

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Some people hate camping. The thought of spending a couple of days in a canvas box with bugs crawling hither and yon over their cold, clammy body fills them with terror. Ergo, camping is often regarded as more of a convenience than something fashioned from the ethereal threads of dream and reverie.

From the music festival to the French countryside, campsites are as multitudinous as any hotel chain, and often provide their services at a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, camping has always lacked the glamour associated with a high-priced hotel and was never likely to draw anybody with money to burn.

‘Big surge’ in camping holidays

On August 7, 2008 by

So it looks like we can’t all afford our glamorous overseas holidays anymore and we are instead turning to the good old camp site.

Are we really reverting to a nation of campers?

Source : BBC News

Scotland Midges

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Midges are tiny swarming insects that occur across the world. However, the species of the midge has a reputation for being more ferocious than most.

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Caravanning Facts

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There are 500,000 touring caravans in use in the UK and the UK production of caravans has been running at 30,000 units per year.

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The 50 Best: Camping sites 1-25

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Check out these great surf locations in the UK and around the world I personal love the order of these camp sites and do agree with the top camp site THREE CLIFFS BAY, GOWER which is located in Penmaen, Swansea.

Source : The Independant

Glastonbury Camping Guide

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A great stress free guide to camping at Glastonbury this year.

– Find out where to camp
– Finding your tent
– Camping in a tipi?!
– Posh camping

You can also go to the actual Glastonbury Camping guide for more useful information.

Source : BBC News

Welcome to TalkCamping

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Welcome to the TalkCamping Blog

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