Camping shows and events

One of the best ways to learn more about camping and to buy discount and specialist equipment is to visit one of the many camping shows which are held across the country.

International Caravan & Motorhome show

This is one of largest shows for caravans and motorhomes in the world. It is held in the Birmingham NEC and has exhibitors displaying all types of caravan related accessories and equipment. See The caravan shows website for details.

Camping Centre Exhibitions

The Camping centre exhibitions run three shows annually, which are the largest camping tent shows in the country. They consist of around 250 tents being erected and displayed, as well as other shops of all major camping brands selling related equipment. For details about when and where these shows are see the camping exhibitions website.

International Camping and Caravanning Rally

Run by the Camping and Caravanning Club, the aim of this rally is to promote an interest in outdoor living and holidaying. The event has taken place at different venues across the world since it began in 1934. It lasts for two weeks, in which meetings by the F.I.C.C. take place, as well as activities and sports, many of which reflect customs of the local area, with nightly entertainment also provided. Caravan and camping parks are available near to the rally so that all visitors can stay close to the site. See the website for more details.

National Caravan and Camping Week

National Caravan and Camping Week (NCCW) was started by The Camping and Caravanning Club in 2001 in order to mark the organisation’s centenary and encourage people to get involved in camping. People camp together in groups and designated areas across the UK at different points throughout the week, and the media get involved to help promote camping.

The National Feast of Lanterns

This is an annual event where campers join from all over the country, bringing homemade Chinese lanterns with them to decorate their tents or caravans. It is organised by The Camping and Caravan Club (see their website for details and is held at a different place each year.

Camping Clubs

If you want to be able to go to exclusive campsites, which are usually well maintained and have better facilities, it is often worth joining one of the many camping clubs that have been set up. The Camping and Caravanning Club has regional divisions which will be able to provide details of campsites in those areas. You do not have to join a certain division when you become a member, but if you wish to stay in a certain area then you should contact the regional club for that vicinity.

The Camping and Caravanning Club – This is the oldest club for camping and caravanning, and the website provides information about all their sites and membership facilities. It also gives details about affiliated international clubs, so you can find suitable campsites abroad as well as in the UK. However, the website does not provide links to regional divisions, but these are listed below.

The British Caravanners Club is especially for Caravanners and provides details of all specialist sites around Great Britain. The club will also provide you with more general information to do with caravanning, for example security and manufacturers. Again there are regional divisions:

Caravanning clubs

There are clubs available which are exclusive for caravanners, some of which offer incentives like discounts on club sites for all members.

The Caravan Club is Europe’s largest and most popular club in this area, which has a number of sites across Europe. Members can benefit from being able to use these exclusive sites, which are only open to club members, as well as discounted rates at some sites and on some ferry crossings. The club also provides technical advice and help when you are away on holiday, as well as information about manufacturers or dealers who may be able to offer deals and discounts.