An Introduction to Camping

The term camping covers a wide range of activities, ranging from sleeping in simple canvas tents to spending the night in a luxury, all-equipped abode. It is a recreational activity whereby people sleep in a tent or caravan either in designated camping areas or in more remote destinations. Camping is also often combined with other outdoor activities, such as fishing, trekking and cycling, or some combination of them. Backpackers especially favour this mode of accommodation as it means they are free to travel where they chose, in their own time frame and at a low cost.

Initially camping was mainly undertaken by young boys in the 1960s and 1970s, which led to its association with The Scouting Movement, but it has now become particularly a popular leisure for all types of people. The activity has become synonymous with the British summer, with families swapping their previous package holidays in favour of camping ones and younger groups of friends taking tents with them to festivals and on holidays.