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TalkCamping is an established community and news site. Launched in 2010 the site is monitised and ranks well in search engines. The site is offered for sale as a whole: including domain name, design and content. For more details and to register your interest contact our sole broker.

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Welcome to Talk Climbing - the new home of Climbing on the web. The site is currently under development but we are proud to say that the guide to Climbing is up and available.

Talk Camping is a website where you'll be able to share your interest of Camping with others. Rosie Langford has put together a detailed guide to the activity so if you needed information about what tent to buy for certain conditions or what sleeping bag to use then we have you covered.

Tents & Sleeping Bags

If you are looking to go camping and aren't sure which of the seven types of tent to buy then check out that page on our guide. From ridge to dome to geodesic - we have you fully covered.

Also if you are camping then sleeping bags are of vital importance. There are different thicknesses of sleeping bag depending on the season and the expectant temperature.

The whole experience of camping is something 17% of Brits partake in every year. From checking out where to best pitch your tent to safety at the campsite - the Talk Camping guides has it all.


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